Adult work websites might be banned in England and Wales

The whole debate of banning adult jobs websites follows a report into sexual exploitation in England and Wales, published in May. The conclusion of the aforementioned report was that "websites are the most significant enabler of sex-trafficking in the UK".

The truth is, banning adult jobs websites would be a disaster, because those in search of erotic jobs will always find other alternatives and find an adult job.

What is the sex-workers opinion about this debate?

3 major organizations from the United Kingdom are planning a huge demonstration outside the Parliament to protest against what they referre to as being a "Trump-inspired" effort to get rid of the sex-workers from the internet and put them into whey more exploitative and dangerous situations.

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An important thing to understand is that adult work websites never exploit women, they create a platform for those in search of an erotic job and for those who are offering them. These websites are taking the issue of exploitation very seriously, that's why all of them try to create different kind of systems on how to 'grade' advertisers and verify every ad before it's being published.

Where would banning adult work websites lead?

Sex-workers believe that banning adult work websites would force them to find work in other ways, which could be whey more dangerous, like working on the streets or being pushed into exploitative brothels.

Illegal sex-trafficking would rise, modern slavery would rise and no one would know where these women are, what job they applied for, where and when. Bottom line is, there is absolutely no reason to pass a law to make websites accountable for profiting from sexual exploitation, because it's not the case.

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Officials consider they would eliminate any kind of danger by banning adult work websites, but the irony is that they don't care about the opinion of the actual workers, who by the way - think that this could lead them to whey more dangerous situations on long term...

Conclusion? These websites shouldn't be banned, on the contrary - they should be helped in their effort to filter out potentially dangerous erotic jobs!  

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