Brother and sister caught by police for forcing young woman into adult work

Two Romanian siblings who met their victim in Romania promised her work in the United Kingdom, then forced her into prostitution. They promised to find her work and a better life, but after two days she was coerced into sex work.

The siblings used her dependency on them to exploit her. They manipulated the girl who believed that having an adult job is the only way she could repay these people for bringing her to the UK.

They controlled every aspect of her life, she was afraid to ask for help

The young woman could stay only where they let her, they controlled who she spoke to by monitoring her phone calls and following her everywhere. She was brainwashed into believing that this is her only chance because she owe them money.

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Being afraid, she didn't dare to ask for help, but after a month she found the confidence to tell her friends and family who convinced her to tell someone. Not speaking English almost at all, she ran out of the house and stopped some people, who helped her flag down a police car.

Police started a serious investigation, cooperating with the Romanian authorities and the girl was taken to a safe shelter until the investigation and the trial was over.

Brother and sister pleaded guilty on all charges

The couple pleaded guilty at the start of their trial to causing and inciting prostitution for financial gain. They were both sentenced to 21 months in jail at Sheffield Crown Court shortly after. 

Police describe the girl as being wery courageous for reporting the abuse, and they ask all other victims who are facing similar situations to reach for help.

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Police say that victims must be protected and that they try to do they're best to fight against these situations, but they need the help of the young girls as well. This is the only way to fight against sex trafficking and illegal prostitution.

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