More and more victims of sex trafficking are being rescued every year

Officials worldwide work non-stop to save woman and young girls forced to work as sex slaves. Their job is not an easy one, because sometimes even after sex workers are saved, they won't talk and testify against their 'pimps' who promised to kill them and their families if they dare to say anything.

It is estimated that 4.8 million women and young girls are sex slaves, according to the International Labor Organisation.

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Some victims are labor slaves, others are forced to work in the sex industry

Ana, a Romanian young lady shares how she was kidnapped from London and trafficked for sex in Belfast for 10 months. She was told if she doesn't cooperate, her family will die, so she agreed to everything they said.

She was sold to gang in the United Kingdom, her passport and cell phone were taken and she was 'sold' in temporary brothels.

These temporary brothels consisted of rented apartments in residential areas and in ordinary houses.

They forced her to pose in underwear or naked in front of a camera to advertise her on the internet. Until she was rescued she was forced to have sex with thousands of men who didn't seem to notice that she was a starving, tired young woman who didn't wanted to be there. 

adult work in the uk

The members of the gang who forced Ana into being a prostitute were all convicted and served prison sentences in Northern Ireland. Ana was so afraid she couldn't testify against them in court.

Officials say that many women and especially young girls are afraid to run away or to say anything to their families because of fear, but they are prepared for these situations and they are able to read some obvious signs. These signs are for eg. over-crowded houses with people living in poor conditions, women who fear the authorities, women without access to their passports.

Physical signs are also helpful for the authorities, like unexplained injuries and unexplained escorts all over town. Officials are trying to help these victims, but they also need to be cooperative and testify against them.

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