Adult jobs has begun in Switzerland! It is the first country in Europe that allows prostitution

It is important to know that Switzerland is a truly systematic country, with highways as a mirror (complete change of road after a hairline crack), Swiss people are workaholics, but prostitution has always been popular and the businesses that build on it, not to mention what taxes they charge for adult job! Naturally, it became the first country after the coronavirus to allow the services of the private apartments, erotic clubs and salons, escort agencies, so from June 6, the road to Switzerland was opened to the european sex workers.

We were among the first to inform European sex workers about the opening in Switzerland

From June 6, the erotic businesses listed above can open and from June 8, the administration of the online work permit has also gone smoothly. In a couple of cantons, the situation was problematic at the beginning, we know in Geneva they refused to issue work permits for sex workers in advance, while in the canton of Basel, already 1 week before the opening, everyone had a paper ... It also shows the differences between some cantons on the subject.


Having escort jobs during a world pandemic when escorts are ordered to stop working in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and worldwide

Netherlands was one of the first countries to order those who have escort jobs, masseuse jobs and other adult jobs to stop working as part

2020-06-03  Erotic & escort job blog

Much has not changed, as most places have paid attention to hygiene so far, but now all erotic businesses have been warned by the competent agency to comply with mandatory standards and to prepare masks and disinfectants. Wearing a mask is not mandatory unless it is a fetish for the guest (BDSM services). In addition, there are almost no mandatory restrictions, only attention should be paid to distance and basic hygiene conditions. This, of course, also varies from canton to canton, so we cannot fully describe the conditions everywhere.

In Switzerland, prostitution is completely legal and accepted among the population, so most European girls doing adult job usually choose Switzerland when looking for a new job. There aren't many other options at the moment, as there is already news of reopening in Germany (varies by province), but we still have to wait weeks if it is not extended again... This is terrible for those who only work in Germany or would work in the sex industry.

To the best of our knowledge, in Germany, these opening dates apply to the sex industry

Laut Angaben von sehen die Verfügungen über Verbote von Prostitution der 🇩🇪 Bundesländer wie folgt aus:
Baden-Württemberg – bis 15.06. | Bayern – bis 14.06. | Berlin – bis 04.07. | Brandenburg – bis 15.06. | Bremen – bis 19.06. | Hamburg – bis 30.06. | Hessen – bis 05.07. | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – bis 10.06. | Niedersachsen – bis 10.06. | N R W – bis 15.06. | Rheinland-Pfalz – bis 09.06. | Saarland – bis 14.06. | Sachsen – bis 29.06. | Sachsen-Anhalt – bis 01.07. | Schleswig-Holstein – bis 07.06. | Thüringen – bis 05.06.

adult job offers for girls in Switzerland

The gates of passion reopen in Switzerland, to which thousands of sex workers immediately applied

Immediately after the first news of the opening in Switzerland, there was a noticeable increase in interest for Swiss adult job. Many immediately took the opportunity and booked a term at their favorite places but we also received countless letters in outrageously asking the girls to ‘arrange’ dates for them. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this but we reassure everyone that the Swiss advertisers were also looking forward to the reopening. Several inactive advertisers have appeared to ask for instant ads. There is room for everyone!


The Swiss state is not stupid either, they know exactly what tax revenues they will lose if they don't allow erotic jobs

It is quite clear to everyone that there is something more important about the viral situation in every country and this is called the economy. One of the driving forces of the Swiss economy is certainly prostitution, which is the service that is available in small and large cities, and the owners of brothels, private homes, escort agencies pays high tax on girls and on their own income. Of course, since the owners operate as a legal company, they have also become eligible for state subsidies due to the viral situation. One such subsidy was the kurzarbeit, which essentially helped pay a certain percentage of employees ’salaries. In addition, they were able to take out a corporate loan of up to CHF 100,000 at a very low interest rate and received some kind of help in renting out the properties!

This is a period of renewal, where the weak fall and the great strengthen

To our knowledge, countless erotic businesses across Germany are sold relatively cheaply, which is clearly due to long closures. Many people think that an erotic business is of great value and can be sold at any time, even though that is not true. The value of a good place always depends on the owner, e.g it is not the value of the property itself or its location, but the management itself that has established relationships that are unsaleable and priceless.

There will still be smaller bigger erotic shops where girls can work but the fact is we have to say goodbye to a few common names this year. It is not yet possible to see who they will be, because it will take time, but we found it interesting that several Swiss advertisers have asked for the ads to be 'on credit' because they cannot pay ... Everyone decides for themselves, what that means, in any case, we will continue to serve serious advertisers and handle the situation with maximum flexibility to the best of our ability and wish everyone an end to this nightmare that has ruined so many businesses and individuals.

Red-Life team