After this tragic year behind us, all we can do now is wait for the escort jobs to start again

As you can know - because it's everywhere in the news - we live in a global pandemic. This is the second year when we have to live locked inside our home, we can't travel and of course the most important, the adult and escort jobs are limited.

Most of the erotic workplaces are closed, like in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, the most popular countries for the girls, but in the UK the escort job situation is the same.

We spoke with a few customers, and they said the most problem is, that the girls from abroad, can't travel to the UK because of the controls. It doesn't mean that is not possible, only the girls are afraid, and rather don't go at all.

What other possibilities left for those, who has before well paying escort job?

We try to help to find a way in these times, to earn money from home, so let's see, what other options left:

The real winner of the 2020 pandemic on this front the weird love child of Instagram and Patreon: OnlyFans. From strippers and porn stars to bored young girls and waitresses in need because of losing their jobs, there are plenty of "ordinary people" registered on OnlyFans. But the number of visitors has also increased: the number of users has grown from 7.5 million to over 85 million in one year.

“You can access porn for free, no one wants to pay for it. People pay to have the opportunity to meet someone they’ve only seen in magazines or social media before.”

Last year, OnlyFans involved more celebrities, like Bella Thorne, formerly known as a Disney star - who earned $ 1 million on the platform in 24 hours!

It's very easy to use: After paying your subscription fee, users gain access to your feed where they can view your exclusive content. It can be anything, not only erotic stuff, really anything. Creators keep 80% of the money generated by their account, whilst the remaining 20% goes to OnlyFans.

 Don't forget: to earn money, first you have to confirm that you are over 18! 

The other option is the webcam modelling, the best part is, you can do that also as a part time job

If you’ve ever considered trying out webcam work but don’t want to work in a webcam studio, this is the job for you. You spend a couple of hours online a day and you will already have followers who will happily pay to see you.

  • Just a few hours a day
  • Completely on your own schedule
  • There is no one around you while you work

All you need is a good quality webcam, laptop and internet.