As an escort girl, the glamorous looking is a must

Sure, there are many options for removing your body hair and if you have escort job or sexjob, you have a big routine in it. Be it on the armpits, on the legs or on the genital area. 

We all have our favourites. Waxing, epilation or shaving. But if we ran out of time, we like to use the razor.

Sometimes we don't have the money or the patience to let the hair grow until it can finally be removed. It is similar with hair waxing. Unfortunately, the monetary problem is not as big as the fear of pain. We really take off our hats to those who give themselves completely to a stranger and have their hair pulled out.

And that's why we like to grab the razor quickly. The annoying stubble is gone in no time and it costs less than a visit to the beauty salon. But it costs our skin - if we use THAT when shaving.

Did you know, that some man pays for you to shave, i mean they want to watch you shave?

Shampoo, conditioner, or scrub

... we have all made the mistake before and rather reached for these bottles so that we have a kind of replacement shaving foam. Not that clever of us, because it is precisely these liquids that destroy our skin after shaving.

Dr. Anita Sturnham, the Venus Skinicare brand ambassador and skin care expert, revealed that both shower gel and shampoo appear to be a good alternative to shaving foam at the moment, but they can damage our skin so quickly.

The result of smooth legs is quickly sabotaged by the substances and our skin dries out rather than shining fresh and healthy.

In addition, shaving has a natural exfoliating effect, so we should use products designed for shaving. The blade glides better, friction is reduced and thus the risk of skin irritation and cuts. According to the skin care expert, the shower gel should rather wrap around the hair and make it even thicker!

And one more thing: the razor's blade dulls faster if a shower gel or shampoo is used instead of shaving gel or shaving foam. They clog the blades, so after a while, a smooth shave is no longer possible.

Whether under the armpits, on the legs or in the genital area - in the future we will still shave with shaving foam!