You can apply for an escort job not only by e-mail, the possibilities are endless!

At a time when sex jobs and escort jobs weren’t so “popular,” everyone applied via email. Most often, the girls made an email address that they only used for this purpose. All the work photos was there with the pre-written template texts.

Since then, a lot has changed in the world of erotic jobs ...

Obviously, there are still some who think this is the easiest, as you discreetly open your fake email account when it’s just right, but we can still say that the age of emails is over. It takes to much time for answer, and in that industry, we have no time for that.

There are also application forms that simplify things. All the information you need are there and the owner will contact you at the given phone number! An easy and fast way to apply for sex work.

  •  Everything fits in your hands in one place and you get an immediate answer to your job application, so what is it? 

The answer, of course, is your phone. Obviously smart phones that store millions of apps.

It is unnecessary to write a long email and think about the wording if you can only write that:

hi when do you have free termin? send some details about the job please

... and you can already send the pictures you took minutes before. So these are definitely not old photos, which is important in every kind of adult jobs.

Moreover, if the owner wants to make sure that there is no difference between image and reality in a video chat, we can get over it in minutes.

Viber, iMessage and WhatsApp have been the stars of recent years!

It’s no coincidence, as there are free apps, all you need is WIFI (which is already everywhere) and so you can even be in your Swiss escort workplace, yet you can easily and for free call the German owner to inquire about a sex work.

The same is true for viber, there is not much difference between the two, there are those who like this one, there are those who love the other, but it doens't matter, the owners downloaded every app anyway.

IMessage and Facetime only work among iPhone users, but most girls use Apple, so there’s no problem accepting an erotic job application there as well.

Telegram exploded - the new star

Again, a free application via WIFI. Switzerland and Germany have started using the Telegram app (erotic business owners), however, more and more people are downloading it as it currently has the best encryption.

Erotic shop executives have all been using it for months, so it’s a good idea to download it if you haven’t already.