Escort jobs versus financial crisis in United Kingdom (and what happen after Brexit?)

We all know that financial crisis and how it affects our economy, including girls who have escort jobs. In order to keep their clients, escort girls need to be more clever and beautiful than ever.

Independent escort girls are starting to get desperate because of the financial crisis, which has left no profession unscathed.

Bad news for independent escorts and escort agencies in London

Besides the economy which starts to collapse, the arrival of tens of thousands of migrants have pushed many women to become escorts and sex-workers, so prices have fallen through the floor. This means bad news not only for independent escorts, but for escort agencies as well, because the competition is bigger and the prices are lower than before.

Monica, an independent escort girl from London shares how business has dropped off, because people don't spend money for pleasure. She started 7 years ago and there were slower and better periods during this period, but business is very slow right now.

A few years ago, my clients used to tip if they liked my services. No, no more tips...

Better days are coming for escort girls

Being a professional escort still pays well. Escort girls just need to be more clever now and be prepared to literally compete with much more girls than ever before.

escort jobs for girls

It's something a man can't quit. A good escort is like smoking. You'll find the money for it, one way or another.  

Becoming a VIP escort is much harder these days than ever before, but with the proper motivation and attitude, you can make it! Statistics still show that escort jobs are one of the best paying jobs of all erotic jobs, so your hard work will pay off.

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