Escort girl wants to call for and end to the glamorization of escort jobs

Elena, a former VIP escort worker says girls as young as 12 have asked her how to break into the industry – and blames the media in the United Kingdom for glamorising high class and VIP escort jobs as a lucrative and rewarding career choice.

The glamorisation of the industry, she says, leads women to believe becoming a sex worker will afford them a life of luxury, when the reality is far from the truth.

What is the biggest problem with the portrayal of sex work and escorting in the media?

Media coverage of those within the sex industry seems to be quite polarising. At one extreme there is the sad street walker, who is using it to pay the rent, feed a child or possibly save up for their next drug hit. Then the other extreme, the ‘high end’ escorting. The reader is opened up to a world of high fashion, travel, huge amounts of money and copious amounts of sex. A world in which you can make thousands of dollars in a handful of hours, and all you need to do is look good and have a bit of sex on the side.

The reality is quite the opposite. You don’t make the big dollars by simply dressing in your nicest clothes, climbing into bed and sleeping with a handful of men. To operate as a successful high class or VIP escort you’ll have to offer your clients almost everything they ask for to become your regulars.

The more money that you charge, the more you are expected to do. The same rules that apply to everyone else don’t necessarily apply at the high end. Most people think it is because you are attractive and have a good physique, they think that the men are lining up to give you money. The reality is that in London and worldwide the industry is portrayed as more glamourous than it is. It is a very competitive and ruthless industry, especially nowadays. Support within the escort jobs industry can be hard to find, it can be a very lonely journey, especially if you don't work for an escort agency.

Would you say that you experienced a glamorous lifestyle during your work as an escort girl?

To be honest I lived a pretty glamorous life as an escort girl for a while. I think most escorts do at some point in their journey. The pressures affect people differently. Some, it will cripple and bring to their knees with devastating results and others will confidently breeze their way through declaring that they have never felt more empowered. I was trading as an elite escort seeing to the rich and the famous. I was asking a lot and I was making a lot. I was rubbing shoulders with influential people and I was having the time of my life.

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I was living the ‘empowered’ life however subconsciously those niggling fears were eating away at me. I’d been pushing the limits by doing things I wouldn’t usually do. I’d been foregoing all common sense. I, once a shy country girl, was living a drug-induced life of excess and I had myself convinced that I was empowered.

Working as an escort is not something most will talk about. We really shouldn’t judge. People smoke even though it’s frowned upon, people take drugs even though it’s often illegal and/or dangerous. People do all kinds of things because they convince themselves that the end justifies the means. Entering escort work is no different. The allure of copious amounts of sex, money and perceived excitement can be hard to resist, regardless of what society dictates.

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