Making your dreams come true - renting or buying a night club

We know that it might seem an impossibility to buy or rent an erotic business, but we thought some of you might be interested in how much does a night club actually cost, what kind of licenses you would need, what would be your basic costs and many more things that you need to know if you are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur.

Here are some basic things you'll need to know to make your entrepreneurial wet-dreams come true.

So how much does a night club cost in the UK?

A VIP night club in London is being leased for £70k and renting it for a year costs £150,000. This price is for the club which has a capacity of 550 people and includes a 6AM operating license, a soundsystem and a lighting system. You will also need money to book DJ's, hire hostesses, security, promoters, door people, bartenders...and the list goes on.

buy or rent erotic business

Keep in mind that on the first couple of months you probably won't have any profit. Why? Because on the first couple of months you will have many expenses and you will probably spend all your money on making your business popular and well-known by speding a lot on marketing.

Renting or buying a night club is a pricey undertaking with a high failure rate. This is definetely not a business that you can start on a 4000 pounds budget or less.

The key is to do serious research 

The key to a successful business is to carefully research the costs of a night club. Don't rush into making a decision, because you might get to buy or rent a club at far less than the low-end estimate, for example if you're buying or renting one from an owner in hurry to sell or rent out his business.

The next thing you need to know is marketing your club. Marketing is the base of any business, so - if you are expecting 500 customers on one night, you need to promote your business in such a way to reach new customers while keeping the regulars.

Golden rule: maintaining your reputation is critical to the success of your business! 

rent or sale erotic business

Most common marketing strategies are:

  1. Catchy promotions
  2. Investing a lot in the grand opening - eg. a lot of advestising, free entrance for the girls
  3. Events marketing - organizing nights by different themes
  4. B2B marketing - if you are targeting travelers and businessmen 
  5. Cool website
  6. Hiring club promoters

Your main sources of revenue

Where will the revenue come from? There are the 2 main sources of revenue when renting / buying an erotic business: admission sales and beverage sales. So, if you want to make money, you can't sell your products on low prices NOT even when you open the business, because once people get used to something, they don't like changes. Instead, keep the high prices and offer different promotions. People like that :)

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