Professional escort shares how to break into the escort jobs industry

When I got my first escort job I have to admit that I was ashamed and that it wasn't my first career choice. However, times changed and nowadays women contact me to help them in becoming a high class escort.

I started to work as an escort at 19 and I didn't tell anyone because I was ashamed. Now, girls as young as 12 have asked me how to break into the escort jobs industry. 

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If you play your cards right, you can afford a luxury life

I can't say or guarantee that you will be a millionaire, all I'm saying is that you should not underestimate yourself and of course your services. You have to go for quality and never for quantity!

Go for less clients who are willing to pay for your quality work - remember: you get paid for your value and not your time.

To achieve this, you need to invest in yourself, you need to look good, be mannered and act like a professional, even when you face new and unknown situations. You need to be able to set boundaries right from the beginning, so that your clients know what to expect on long term. In order to avoid strange situations, a professional escort will be prepared to answer any kind of question regarding the services she offers and doesn't negotiate on the spot.

Professional escorts don't talk about their personal life

A high class escort will never complain or talk about her personal life to a client. The main reason is that you are the one getting paid to offer your services and listen to your clients problems, wishes and needs and not vice versa.

It's not healthy to share anything personal about yourself, because men tend to get jealous, just as women and trust me - you don't want that.

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At first, it might seem a good idea to let the client closer to you, just to establish a stronger connection, but don't listen to this instinct. A professional escort will ask the clients about his wishes, do her job, cash in and leave. I've learned this lesson the hard way, when one of my regulars thought that we have a deeper connection and started to fall in love with me. When I told him that I'm just doing my job, he started following me. Eventually I contacted the police asked for a restraining order.

Being an escort is a fun job

If you really want to succeed and be a professional escort, your customers have to feel that you are loving your job. There will be harder times, harder people to deal with, but what job doesn't demand to deal with difficult situations? 

Don't forget to smile! A high class escort girl will always smile and act. What do I mean by acting? I mean act like you don't have any kind of problems. Act like your client is most important person in your life. Trust me - if you take my advices, your world will change 360 degrees in a positive way.

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