College student having escort job in her spare time in the United Kingdom

The escort girl from London says she gets thousands of pounds in gifts from several clients from all across the United Kingdom, some of whom are over 60 - and she enjoys every minute of having an escort job. College student Mona has a far more glamorous lifestyle than your average 18 year old in the UK.

She claims an average escort girl can get about £3,000 a month from one man, so with seven on the go, Mona could be raking in up to £21K a month in gifts.

So how expensive is too expensive when it comes to the gifts for this escort girl?

Mona who is studying fashion in London, also has wardrobes packed with luxury goodies, with the most expensive items being gifts from her older men. Some items - such as designer dresses that she wears out for dinner dates and cocktails - cost "over a grand". She claims escorting is one of the best decision she has ever made.

"When I see something I like I will gesture to him, I will touch him on the shoulder, make eye contact... everything you do that is considered flirting," she said.

"I will make him associate shopping with sexual things because men in London, and worldwide are sexual creatures," she explains. But all of this doesn't come for free. The relationships with her clients are sexual, she admitted, but the men keep it "interesting", making even a VIP escort girl to want to have sex and enjoy it. Escort work is all about sensuality and flirting, clients don't want a woman who is going to come to them grumbling with problems, with the stresses of her life," she said.

Why just London and not worldwide? Why does she like older men?

Actually, she is thinking about continuing her escort career in the USA or in the Arab Emirates after finishing college. Thanks to her experience, a lot of high class escort job vacancies will be available for her, even outside the UK. Escort agencies would love to hire such a fun and motivated girl anywhere worldwide, so it's up to her to decide where to live and work.

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While some of the men may be more than twice her age, the 18-year-old VIP escort said she prefers older men. "I can never level with boys my age because their motives are different to mine," she said. "They would rather sit at home and play Fifa."

Her favorite client is 47 and she hopes to marry him when he retires, despite seeing him only three or four times a month. She is aware that the men like the fact she is young and she is ok with that.

Why do so many young girls choose to be escorts?

While it may be controversial, it is easy to see why some teenagers may find the idea of getting easy money from clients appealing, rather than grafting at a part time job or getting into debt at university in the UK. Mona met most of her clients online, on different websites and social media.

Mona said she believes escort jobs have become more popular with students, partly due to social media showing them glamorous lifestyles that others have. More and more students admit that it is very tempting to join and work as escort, so the number of escorts will be rising in the next couple of years.

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