Competition for Rich Kids - now come the rich escorts

At least they make their own money with escort job: the escorts and gigolos that make rich clients happy. The more lucrative the customer, the better the effect on the accounts of the escorts. On the internet, sex workers show their luxury.

Most of all they are called courtesans, the call-girls or escorts who offer sex for money. The elite escorts are fine. The richer their clients are, the better they are doing - at least materially. That's what the women - and men, the gigolos - like on Instagram.

Not just their bodies, but also status symbols, money and snapshots from the sun or from luxury accommodations where they do erotic work. 

escort job for sexy girls

There are, incidentally, not only women who work as escorts. More and more men are offering their society to make women happy again.

The Italian, who calls himself igorgigolotop on Social Media, describes himself as a "male, heterosexual elite companion for women" and also likes to put pictures with his clients online. This is not so new thing as we think it is. The escort jobs in the UK are also for handsome guys.

Girls all around the world started to engage in erotic jobs, because the internet made it very easy to pick and choose what type of guys you want to escort.

As surprising as it may seem, you don't have to be a perfect Barbie doll to do this, guys will even pay to be escorted by someone who they would turn down in a bar for free. In London there are plenty of high class escort girl, who lives normal life, but at the night, they get dressed and earn a lot of money!

Luxury accommodation, high earnings with escort job for girls and boys

If you think about it, uploading sexy images daily in social media is just free advertising for them!

Why they shouldn't show to the world how happy and sexy they are? As we wrote is before, if they don't want to work as an escort anymore, they just became sugarbaby, and the life goes on.

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