Pressure is now on for money and it pushes women into making poor decisions

This year forced a lot of people to do things that risk their health, but without money, nobody can live. The number of female victims of “online pimping” has returned to normal levels following a drop of 50 per cent during the first lockdown, a study has found. More and more women choose an adult erotic work during the pandemic, because they have no other options.

The Sexual Exploitation Research Programme (SERP) at University College Dublin (UCD) has been monitoring the levels of women being advertised for sex online, doing sex job or escort job, which is now back to about 650 profiles per week.

It notes that women from Latin America, apparently trapped in Ireland because of Covid-19 restrictions, accounted for the majority of those profiled on escort sites. The companies involved, and their servers, are based overseas in order to avoid Irish law. - as the irishtimes published.

In Germany also a lot of sexworker has to stay in the erotic studios wihtout money and escort / erotic job

“The coronavirus has been a disaster for me,” said a Polish prostitute in the western city of Bochum known to her clients as Nicole.

Sex workers in Germany are classed as self-employed, pay tax and are in theory entitled to financial assistance from a fund set up by the government to help freelancers through the pandemic.

But some prostitutes work illegally and charities supporting the adult industry say that many who, like Nicole, do pay tax are unaware of their rights. A few are soliciting for clients on the streets to make ends meet until brothels reopen.

Still now, there is no exact date, when it will happen...

The report documents that many women appeared to be trapped in brothels when Covid-19 restrictions commenced

As vulnerable migrants with no PPS numbers, it says, they have been unable to seek help.

Examining more than 1,300 online reviews over two weeks, the SERP found that buyers of sex showed a disregard for all health advice during the pandemic.

The research programme has called on Government to support various measures to give vulnerable women a means to escape.

Among a number of recommendations are that exiting prostitution be recognised and resourced by the State as a statutory right and that the HSE resource the Women’s Health Service to re-open safely as a matter of urgency.

It has also said action is required to effectively tackle Ireland’s online prostitution advertisers who are circumventing national legislation.

Its author Ruth Breslin said that following a sharp initial drop in trade, sex buyers, brothel owners and the websites based outside Ireland are back in business.

As we wrote about it before, there are plenty of other options, to earn money with adult services, without personal contact:


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