Another ban, now OnlyFans, restricts sex videos shot in public

The number of new registrations is getting higher on the site, which many sex workers and escort girls also use, in the absence of their escort and sex work, OnlyFans ’list of what content is not allowed on the website is growing.

In mid-February, another item was added to the list: from now on, recordings shot in public will not be published by amateur and professional adult content creatorts.

We’ve written before about OnlyFans, which is also used by girls who used to work in erotic workplaces:


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To start earning on OnlyFans, you need to add your payment information, check your account, and determine your subscription price. Once

2021-03-05  Erotic & escort job blog

Plenty of amateur porn videos have also been made, either at home or even outdoors, but that’s the end of it - no longer allowed by OnlyFans.

For the purposes of OnlyFans, a public place is a place where there is a good chance that strangers may witness the filming (even if it is a barren wooded area or an abandoned building).

Thus, from now on, only and exclusively the filming location can be owned by the creator or filmed there with the official permission of the owner.

Recently, several other categories have been banned, such as prostitution, revenge, and watersports.

However, many - so far successful - users complain that this makes their livelihood impossible - this is the only source of income for many in the situation caused by the coronavirus.

Several expressed their despair that although they were never filmed in a place where people regularly occur, deserts, national parks and deserted places, for example, were a popular choice - but they could no longer rely on it because of the new regulations.

The use of keywords is also restricted in messages, like:

  • animal
  • blackmail
  • blood
  • Child
  • escort
  • forced
  • young
  • torture

Thus, they are forced to come up with another solution or move their materials to another platform.