Did you read about real stories of a girl who has an escort job? Now, it's time!

It's a very strange life, because of the people, who doesn't understand, what an escort girl feel. So let's know them better:

She carefully slid the straps of her little red dress and curled up her red lips in a shy smile as she watched her image in the mirror. The guest would perhaps not even notice the dress and how it stood against her ivory fair complexion when he will undress her in a hurry. But it hardly mattered— her beatiful body paid the price for the expensive dress that he had brought from his trip to US last month. He was her very gentle client and she choose to be his escort model. Escort model job is a thing.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland and there are plenty of girls who work that way. There’s a growing section of women who are trading in their body voluntarily. Yes, we are talking about the high-end escorts, who work escort jobs. Meet 24 year-old Liliana, a student of one of the prestigious universities in Budapest. Even before completing her education, she has found her ‘perfect’ job that offers convenient working hours and great money.

“I belong to a middle-class family from Hungary and cannot afford a lavish lifestyle without working somewhere. I utilise my free time to earn some money,” - tells Liliana as she flaunts a new cell phone she had bought recently.

We live in a society that judges people by their profession. A doctor or engineer might be considered a highly-respected occupation, while a painter or a dancer might not be appreciated much for their choice of profession. A girl staying at home all day might be considered an ‘ideal’ woman, while the one returning home late might lead to some gossip and speculations in the neighbourhood. Let’s not even get into the discussion about what society would think about a girl who becomes a prostitute by choice!

Liliana is one of those high-priced prostitutes who have entered this profession by choice and have no qualms about it.

“You sell your brain, we sell our body. I have an adult work, and? What’s the fuss about? I feel, our society is still very judgemental. If a boy and girl go on a blind date and end up having sex—that’s fine. But if the guy pays the girl for sex, it becomes unethical,” opines Liliana.

Liliana, when she start this escort modelling job, first checked the froums about it. There is plenty of adult job forum about this stories, so you can get answers for your questions.