Escort girls are turning rented apartments into temporary brothels 

Escort agencies save a lot by renting apartments, instead of taking clients to hotel rooms. They say it's much cheaper and discreet, because hotels have doormen and cameras, whereas apartments are usually buzz-in.

High-class escorts think it is much more advantageous to rent, than to buy an apartment or a studio. This way, they can always move their business to different places, with the advantage of having new customers all the time.

Escorts save up to 175£ / night by not renting a hotel room

For independent escorts or escort agencies renting an apartment seems to be the perfect solution to save money, but the problem is not many people are willing to rent or sell their flats to be turned into sex brothels. This is why agencies started to send their escorts to pose as simple renters or even students in search of a temporary flat.

Jenna, a 40 year old woman from London shared with us her horror after her apartment was turned into a brothel, after she leased it out during her holiday abroad.  

After struggling to find a renter, I received a message from a girl who was interested in the property. I found her on Facebook too, so I figured she's legit.

rent or sale apartmentHave you considered selling your apartment?

She seem a really nice and responsible young lady on photos, but little did I know that I've rented my apartment to an escort agency to service their clients... Anyway, I was thrilled with this girl and I was more than happy to let her stay in my apartment.

Initially I wanted to rent my apartment for one week, but this girl insisted to offer a lot more money if she could stay for two weeks. Needing the extra cash, I agreed thinking...what could go wrong?

Still, I found it a little awkward that she asked me if I ever considered selling the apartment, but I figured she just wanted to be nice and get the flat. 

So who rented the apartment?

After a week, one of my neighbours called me saying that he keeps seeing men coming and going from my house, in half-hour intervals. When he went up to tell my lodgers that smoking is not allowed, an escort girl greeted him in a tiny skirt and a huge smile - she thought he was a client.

I didn't know what to do, so I called the police. The police officer told me that this is the sort of thing you can expect when you rent out your apartment for some extra money and since prostitution is legal in the United Kingdom, there is not much they can do.

rent or sale studio for adult jobs

I called the girl and told her that I know what's going on and that she has to leave - she agreed with the condition that I give back the money for the extra week she already paid for. I agreed and just hoped that she and her escort agency would keep their word and just get the hell out. 

Even today, my neighbours still occasionally call me "brothel mama" when we meet by the mailbox... :)

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