UK is one of the most powerful countries when it comes to webcam jobs

More than 25 live streaming webcam studios are operated only in Birmingham.

Sandra shared with us her story about webcam jobs.

She started to work as a webcam model because she recently lost a job and couldn't pay their bank loan. Sandra shares she never imagined herself working in the erotic job filed. A friend recommended her an agency, who started to work as a webcam model for the same reasons. She was hesitating at first, but her husband convinced her.

My husband is not a jealous type, because this type of job doesn't involve any kind of physical contact with other men. He is proud of me for being many guys fantasy, but at the end of the day, only he gets to touch me.

Like most of the webcam models, she started this job because of having financial struggles. In her opinion, quite a few young girls start to work as webcam models to pay their student loans or to continue their studies.

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For what do costumers pay for when it comes to webcam jobs

My salary is based on performance, exceeding the average salaries thanks to the Private shows I offer.

She shared that she invites her clients from free chat rooms to private. They determine the price with her operator and if the client accepts the price, they enter a private chat room. The average income of one shift's work is between 150-300 $, which they split.

She has to fulfil the clients wishes, stating that a satisfied customer will always come back

When I started this job my webcam operator advised me to act in front of the camera and to fulfil every request I can, because this way the show will be sellable on long term.

The shows can consist of average, normal things to extreme things

An average working day is already extreme, but what is an extreme thing?

Sandra shares that some clients ask for normal things, like an erotic dance or to use different erotic props. But there are some extreme requests, like blowing up a balloon or paint her nails. She always tries to spice things up by wearing erotic clothes (maid, school girl, secretary or nurse) and her customers love it.

There are some kind of requests that can't be fulfilled in the studio. Sometimes the clients want to meet the girls, so they establish where to meet, but the girls never show up.

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She enjoys having a webcam job, and she wants to continue as long as she can

Sandra loves her job and the best thing is that she was able to pay her loan. She doesn't act in front of the camera and that's why she has so many returning clients.

Most of the girls wouldn't like to be exposed, because people are very judgemental, so they prefer to stay incognito.

There are some girls who don't keep their job secret. Sandra also faced some embarrassing situations, like when she brought home her working outfits and left them out at the balcony to dry all day. So far, she always smoothened the situation with a cute smile.

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