Escort jobs and rich businessmen in the United Kingdom

Escort jobs have became very popular over the last decade. Escort girls are offered tens of thousands of pounds for sex on a daily basis in the United Kingdom – and some VIP escorts even ask their escort agencies to set them up with rich businessmen.

Escorts are being propositioned by rich men and celeb-obsessed footballers to sleep with them in exchange for thousands of pounds. 

For some, this information is not shocking at all, but some might be really surpised to hear this fact. Some high class escorts are in London often offered between £4,000-£20,000 for sex.

It is not uncommon that high class escorts to be tempted with luxury trips too

Escort girls from all across the UK are also being tempted with luxury trips overseas and even 'Instagram-able' picture opportunities on champagne-filled yachts. Between 2013 and 2018 there was a steady growth in the number of businessmen reaching out to high class escorts and propositioning them, but since the start of this year there has really been a dramatic increase in men wanting to hire very expensive escorts for sex.

Many escort girls are really struggling financially and have to either face the embarrassment of going back to a normal job or kick it up a noch and become full time VIP escorts to maintain an income, but that requires a lot of hard work and commitment.

The offers are between £4k and £20k, whether we are talking about England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, London or any part of the UK. There is often offers of luxury trips to exclusive resorts in Dubai and offering 'Instagram-able' picture opportunities such as endless bottles of champagne and yachts. 

Escort girls can get £10,000 for evenings that start with dinner

Some even start relationships from it, which is usually a sugar baby relationship. A lot of men will pay a higher fee for these women because they want to be seen with an extraordinarily sexy woman on their arm, seeking for other people's attention. 

adult work for women

But also because a lot of clients are either super rich or high-profile people too – like footballers or big actors - so they want total discretion, and they get it from high class escorts.

Summer is a particularly busy time for VIP escorts - as wealthy clients offer to take them away on holiday to Dubai, southern France, and Spain, and on fancy yachts.Summer is a particularly busy time for celebrity escorts - as wealthy clients offer to take them away on holiday to Dubai, southern France, and Spain, and on fancy yachts. Escorting is booming during the summer.

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