Why are sex jobs so important? therefore:

Sex is one of the most exciting topics in life. Sex is not only fun, it is also healthy - so healthy that some doctors even prescribe it. There are countries where health insurance includes that you visit a woman who has a sex job. Three to four times a week is highly recommended - according to the doctors.

A long-term study involving 1,000 male subjects between 45 and 59 was conducted in Bristol. The study lasted ten years. The result of the study can be summarized in one sentence:

The more sex someone has, the healthier they are

Sex is healthy - even with a sexworker or alone

If you are concerned about your health now because you don't have a partner for sex, don't be ashamed!

Masturbation is a solution also, because you can also have fun alone - and with great health benefits.

Even sexual fantasies are already healthy. So you don't even have to take action, instead you can close your eyes, lean back with relish and indulge in exciting daydreams.

And if you don't like to do it alone, you can always call for help - there are beauful girls who has sex job or escort job, and they will help you out anytime!

Sexual fantasies

If a man sees a - in his opinion - attractive woman, his brain becomes active, especially the so-called reward system. So he feels in some way rewarded (for whatever) looking at the woman.

A special magnetic resonance examination was able to show that the nucleus accumbens (an area in the forebrain, the "reward system") is more active as soon as a woman appears in the man's field of vision that he likes. If he doesn't like it, absolutely nothing happens in the male body, at least nothing that wouldn't happen without a woman.

Even talking or flirting with a woman who is appealing - in the man's opinion - leads to a physical reaction in the man, as he is now less focused on the content of the conversation and has long since indulged in sexual fantasies.