Due to the lack of jobs, many people now choose sex work in Sweden

Sweden, which operated without restrictions during the coronavirus, has become a particularly sympathetic destination among EU sex workers, but it also has its downsides: more and more local women are being forced to do escort work due to the declining job opportunities in the Swedish economy.

According to Swedish police, the increase in prostitution in Sweden during the pandemic is due to the fact that more and more sex workers are coming to the country.

According to Jana De Geer (police officer), the epidemic has also attracted new girls who have previously done normal work into the adult industry, due to closures and various restrictive measures in Europe as more sex workers chose Sweden as their destination after such as Germany, Austria) cannot make money.

Meanwhile, more and more locals are startintg to do sex work, as the epidemic has led to a somewhat limited number of job opportunities, and many have decided to turn their heads to sex jobs. According to police investigator Linnea Horgby, there are serious shortcomings within the police in dealing with this type of problem, which is causing more and more cases to occur in the country.

In 2020, the Stockholm police carried out an operation to eradicate the growing prostitution, which resulted in the production of 117 people in the capital and, on several occasions, the detection of more serious crimes.

In Sweden, under current law, those who pay for sexual services are legally punished, but those who offer such services are not.

According to the Swedish model, in which the buyer is fined, it now seems to be overthrown, as they will replace the previous system with a prison sentence.

It is of the utmost importance that men who use violence while using the service must be brought to justice within the legal framework and ensure that the abusers are imprisoned, depending on the seriousness of the crime.