Do you want to take erotic photos at home in quarantine? You'll look super hot in these poses!

Making adult erotic photos is an art itself. But still, you can make sexy and sensual photos at home also. Correct posture and good lightings are the key. 

Whether for your boyfriend or for adult erotic or escort job or just to make new content for your OF page...

In our article we explains what you should do during a home-made erotic photo shoot.

Erotic photos - how do I make them?

First choose the right place

You can do the erotic shoot indoors or outdoors. For example, you could choose a nicely furnished hotel room as the location or your bedroom as well. Outside, of course, there are more interesting places in the United Kingdom that are hidden, after all you don't want to have so many audiences. In winter, however, it gets difficult outdoors - unless you don't mind cold temperatures.

The right pose

Here you can see a few examples to put yourself in sexy pose:

adult erotic photo shoot

You should try them all, check the result and you can choose which one is the best for you. We have to say: every pose has its advantages! If you have long legs, you can especially highlight them in the pose with the legs stretched up.

Have an emergency kit with you

No, of course this does not mean a first aid kit with a defibrillator. Rather, you should have a hairbrush, hairspray, a mirror and make-up with you, if you're not home. Also a few set of clothes should be with you, to change the style once in a while. Pretty lingerie or scarves give your pictures that certain charm. It is often more erotic not to show everything - to give the viewer some leeway.

With a little baby oil you can make your skin shine - a great effect for the pictures!

Don't overdo your makeup

Because afterwards you can see every make-up mistake in the photos. You can also hide small imperfections afterwards in image processing. You don't have to be a professional Photoshop master, you can upload tons of free app to make your photos more perfect.