Interesting facts about women who work in the striptease jobs industry

Striptease jobs are one of the hardest jobs of all erotic jobs. It demands a lot of practice, coordination, intelligence and sometimes acting skills - so this type of erotic job demands much more than just taking your clothes off. Here are some other interesting facts you probably didn't know about those who take their clothes off for a living according to a recent study into the lives of strippers:

1.  One in four strippers are college graduates.

When hearing about striptease dancing women, people usually think of young ladies who didn't had the opportunity to continue their studies and got limited to being a stripper. Wrong! As you can see, a British study revealed that in reality 1 of 4 strippers are college graduates, who want to earn a lot of money before opening a business, so it's more of a strategy than a desperate act. In fact, striptease dancing jobs are one of the best paying jobs with a huge perk which is not offered in most of the erotic jobs: people can watch but can't touch you.

girls wanted for striptease

2. Strippers earn way more money when they're ovulating

Studies show that who has lap dancer job makes up to 25 pounds per hour more than the other girls, whereas women who use pills and don't ovulate make significantly less money. Is this a definite sign that men feel and react to ovulating females? Maybe, but on the other hand it's somehow logic that a women feels who feels sexy gives a more sensual and tip-worthy dance than another ore who feels uncomfortable or is on her period.

3. Many strippers claim they make more than lawyers

According to this study, an average striptease dancer in the United Kingdom earns around 58.000 pounds, and that is approximately as much as an attorney makes. So congratulations to the ladies who enjoy their job and make a lot of money! Not many people can say achieve this goal... 

stripper jobs in the uk

4. Striptease dancers are very proud of having a stripper job

Generally, you would think that they are ashamed of their job because of being afraid of what society might think - this might be true, because strippers really don't share with many people what they do, but inside they have a very high self esteem and are proud of their job and their beautiful looks.

All in all, work in a night club as a lap dancer is not an easy erotic job, but once you get used to it, it's fun and rewarding. Not only that keeps you fit, but it's very good for your self esteem and if clients see you glowing on the stage, you will earn great money with basically nothing else, but dancing. Not bad, right?

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