Deciding to leave a relatively safer job for escort jobs in the United Kingdom - pros and cons from an actual escort

Former webcam girl, now a high class escort living in London, Kate is making a living as one of the UK's youngest self-proclaimed 'sex entrepreneurs'. "The magical ingredient to a successful escort girl - the most profitable thing is to make them fall in love with you," she explains.

"For me, being an escort is kind of like acting because you put on this facade and then as soon as you're done with the job, you don't care about them."

Yesterday's successful webcam model, today's VIP escort

She started her career as a webcam model at the age of 18 in Liverpool, but she felt like she wanted much more that that. Kate used camming as a springboard to build a business empire, including a training and recruitment agency for webcam models and porn stars, and a sex shop.

Honestly, I was making enough money to just sit back, relax and let others work for me. But that's not my style, so I decided to try escorting and I loved it! I contacted an escort agency and I was already working after 2 days. I felt more secure by working at an agency, I was afraid to become an independent escort girl from day one.

escort work in england

Camming is interesting too, because you can make a lot of extra money by selling online the lingerie or instruments you used during webcam sessions. Holding up some old pink Victoria's Secret lingerie, she tells us: "I wore that in five films. Even though it's really ruined, it's still sold for £120 because I wore it."

Which is the best erotic job in the United Kingdom when it comes to the income?

From my point of view, if you want to earn a lot of money in the United Kingdom, whether we are talking about England, Scotland or other parts of the country, working as an escort is more profitable on short term. I am saying that on short term, because when you are working as an escort, you must take shorter or longer brakes from your work, whereas webcam jobs are nearly not so stressful and physically demanding.

No matter what kind of adult job you have, some people will always say that you are 'dirty' and 'w...e', so if it doesn't matter for members of the public, you should at least choose a sex job that offers you real financial stability.

Of course, if I take safety and comfort into consideration, I have to say that with webcam jobs you are a lot safer, than with escort jobs - you're in your own environment and you're working from home. You don't encounter any kind of risk, like being raped, kidnapped or anything like that. All in all, I recommend both adult jobs, but for now, I enjoy being a high class escort, meeting important people and being spoiled, but if I ever get tired of it, I will go back to being a webcam model, like I started. 

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