All women - and even the escort girls - need closeness and support, especially in times of crisis

How does the partnership work? How can you be for months at home without escort job, and not be fighting with your partner. In this article we're looking fo answers.

Millions of people stay at home. Alone, as a couple, in shared apartments, supervised facilities or as a family.

Singles do online dates, parents are with their children, couples sit on top of each other at home - at the beginning. We are all still amazed, how quickly the world around us is changing. The new coronavirus has penetrated into the last corner of our lives: most of them keep their distance where possible.

The most important thing now is to protect the elderly persons and people with chronic diseases. But it demands a lot from us and is becoming more and more noticeable where everyone is close - in our families, love relationships and also during sex.

New everyday life and still existential stress

For some couples, the corona pandemic is becoming a stress test. In the negative as in the positive. What this can mean is suggested, for example, by the results of studies that examined relationships during and after natural disasters (Journal of Family Psychology: Cohen & Cole, 2002).

In 1989, for example, Hurricane Hugo changed the lives of many people in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean almost from one day to the next. In the following year, not only did significantly more couples divorce in the affected areas in South Carolina than in previous and later years, the number of weddings and births also skyrocketed. While some could not withstand the enormous stress of completely new living conditions and broke up because of it, other couples emerged from the crisis more connected.

Well, for the girls who has adult or erotic work, it's even more stressful, because they relationship with their partner lays on trust. Only the tiniest fight could bring up old stories and sad feelings, that can end their relationship. Normally the girls whom travel to different places, like the USA for escort job are only at home for weeks, so when everything alright, they have money and they are happy. Now, there is no escort job, no money, and no happiness only the problems... 

While some like to retire at home as a couple or with the children and leave the world outside, that pushes others to their limits. And singles, who lives alone, tormented by completely different questions: Dating is no longer an option, closeness to a stranger when you are not even allowed to see your friends?

And something very existential: when can you start your job like before? what will happen tomorrow, next week, in a month?

Helping yourself also supports the relationship

If you want to protect yourself not only as a couple or family in these times, you first have to find a way to strengthen yourself. The world's largest association of psychologists, recommends specific things for your new everyday life:

  • Use reliable sources to find out about the new coronavirus. Staying up to date is important, but don't believe everything. Constant preoccupation with corona reports can create uncertainty and fears, as can false reports.
  • Make your day as conscious as possible: give yourself a fixed daily routine and stick to your usual routines - get up at certain times, eat regularly, work, learn, move around, switch off. Such a structure gives stability and meaning and prevents a bad mood.
  • Get enough sleep, eat varied meals with lots of fresh ingredients, and do sports at home. Do something good for yourself in between.
  • Stay digitally connected: Get in touch with people who are important to you with video chats, phone calls, text messages. Talk about what is bothering you.
  • Focus on what you can do and accept the things that you cannot change. Smartphone apps with mindfulness and relaxation exercises also help. Realize that you are taking on all of this to save other people's lives.

Consult a professional if everything is getting too much for you - especially if you are dealing with anxiety, high tension, irritability, and depressed moods. A few online sessions with a psychotherapist often help. Many psychotherapists have switched to digital therapy.