Girls having escort jobs are being forced to offer their escort services for a few pounds

Liverpool has the second highest concentration of sex workers in the United Kingdom, after London. Most women are having escort jobs, because that is one of the most profitable sex jobs of all. Liverpool’s red light district has seen an influx of women from Eastern Europe leading to prices being driven down.

The city has the second highest concentration of sex workers in the United Kingdom and tensions have been reportedly been rising amid increased immigration.

Escorts and other sex workers across the UK are forced to work at very low prices

A man named Liam, who lives in the red light district, says: “Some of the escort girls offer teheir services for £4. I'm not a pimp. I have nothing do with any of their money. “They just buy me drinks, food, they don't pay me. I just watch their backs to be honest with you, because when you work at these low prices, you definitely need someone to look after you. Escorting can be really dangerous, there are a lot of freaks out there”

Annie is one of those who is working as a sex worker and does so to pay for her drug addiction. “Obviously I had to lower prices to get them there. What’s normal to me is getting up, getting dressed and getting to have sex with a different man day in, day out." A man named Jack, who lives with Annie, says those coming from Serbia and Croatia have been selling sex for rock bottom prices.

It’s just because they’re battling for business – because they’re desperate to get crack. I know it shouldn't bother me, but it became my problem too when I was forced to lower my prices because of these sex workers.

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How can escort girls and sex workers be safe while working?

Some say that decriminalisation is the answer.

A genuine human rights approach would protect the rights of the women working as escorts and men in the sex trade. This is what happens in countries such as Sweden, France and the Republic of Ireland that have adopted the abolitionist (previously known as the Nordic) model, where those that create the demand and not the victims of prostitution are criminalised. 

One of the ridiculous arguments in favour of decriminalisation by these so-called human rights groups includes that under this regime violence against prostituted women at the hands of police and punters will decrease. 

Another is that new cases of HIV will significantly reduce because punters will be mandated to use condoms. Decriminalising the prostituted protects the women from police brutality and corruption, not legitimising the men who buy and sell them.

As we all know, legal brothels in Nevada, Germany, Holland, and Australia, it is impossible to enforce a “condom rule”. In Nevada for example, the women are required to undergo weekly blood tests in order to assure the punters that they are “disease free”, because so many of the men want invasive sex without protection.

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