Escort jobs made me a celebrity among girls

My name is Timberlee and I have an escort job. For the past two years, I received hundreds of emails from man and women I'd never met before that they 'want my life'. I love my job, but I have to say being an escort girl thought me how to stay humble, even though I really enjoy the luxury this adult job offers me.

During the day I wear sneakers and and sweat pants, at night I curl my hair, do my make-up and dress up in a fancy dress. Other girls my age go to fast-foods, while I visit the finest restaurants. This is what being an escort girl is all about.

How does being an escort affect your personal life?

As I said, having a professional escort job teached me intelligence and how to stay humble. Yes, I make a lot of money but I never show it. Actually, I bring my own lunchbox to school, like any other student. In case you wonder: yes, I am also a full time student in London.

At first, the thought of being an escort girl in the United Kingdom scared me, because I thought that the clients would be creeps. Fortunately, I can say that so far that's not the case. I started at an escort agency and now I am working as an independent VIP escort.

escort jobs for girls

Obviously, my parents don't know that their daughter is an escort. I feel a little bit guilty about it, but on the same time I don't think that my sex life should be private.

The excitement of being a high class escort

I have a few friends who know that I work as a high class escort and yes, they are all escort girls. Actually, I applied for the first escort job with one of my best friends; I was hired, she was not. She works for a really good escort agency and remained my best friend. 

I like having escort girls as friends, because it's nice to share experiences and exchange tips. 

While escort jobs offer me a lot of perks, like meeting influential business man, I still go to classes during the day and study dyring exam periods. After graduation, I am hoping to start a commercial job. Sometimes I wonder what if I will ever meet my clients in other circumstances, but fortunately discretion is a golden rule...

Having a double life as an escort girl

Having a double life is definitely not easy. For example, during my exam periods I always avoid my clients and say that I am unavailable for let's say 1 or 2 weeks, because being a VIP escort requires lot of practice and many regular clients and if I feel like I can't concentrate on them, I loose clients. When I loose clients, I loose a lot of money.

I won't say I regret becoming an escort girl. I love the fact that I work for myself and sometimes I make thousands of pounds for one single night. Of course that I want to settle after a few more years and have a family but in the meantime I want to make large sums of money while I'm still young and I have the energy for this.

To sum up, I am glad that I am a VIP escort and I love the lifestyle that comes with it. I can say I'm very lucky that I have such kind clients who want to know what I like and to whom my opinion matters. I'm not a sex toy, I am a well respected young woman and I wish every woman would get this respect.