Secret infos about how to apply to an escort job

I was 24 when I decided to go for a minor career as an escort girl. I never thought before any escort jobs to make, but i had no other options. Completed my studies, without perspective, but in the downtown of London in a much too expensive apartment, I visited numerous escort job sites in the capital. Was it boredom, curiosity or the financial "hardship" that drove me to give my idle career a new, rather unusual direction?

I really don't know it today.

At that time, I was still thinking that there are also agencies that offer really pure accompaniment without sex. But I had to give up this hope relatively quickly. If i choose sex work, then sooner or later i have to sex with stange men. So I chose the most aesthetically appealing side, hoping to earn at least a lot should I have to go to bed with strange men. My criteria were as clueless as simple: to offering women should have no silicone breasts and besides, I did not even read on the website, what and in what form they had sexually offer. Finally, I found what I was looking for in a single agency whose photos were so aesthetic that you almost forgot that this was something at a high level.

Even the requirements for an escort job were extremely demanding:

  • one should speak several languages, especially English,
  • have an elegant wardrobe,
  • know how to behave in restaurants
  • be an interesting conversational partner
  • You should be educated, changeable, and able to give a man the feeling that he is the center of the world.

Since I had studied drama, had a good education and had grown up bilingually, I put my chances quite high and applied with two photos. Even for escort jobs you have to go for interviews in the United Kingdom! When I had almost forgotten what erotic job for I applied, my phone rang and a friendly woman's voice asked me if I could introduce myself to the office, preferably tomorrow. When I came up with the idea of promoting myself as an escort girl, changing my hair, doing enough exercise..

I was bombarded with questions, as if I were in a job interview for a normal job. After all questions were answered to satisfaction, I should go with the lady in the next room, so she could see me even naked.

When that was done, we went back to the living room, where I got a contract, which I read through and signed. In addition I got 1000 euros in cash, with which I went to the barber and was allowed to buy elegant underwear and clothes. The last step was a photo shoot where I had to post sexy and seductive. After the photos went online, it was time to wait for the first booking. Two hours with me would cost the customer 400 euros.

escort job in the united kingdom

Sometimes you get paid for doing nothing! My first client almost exclusively wanted to massage my feet, so it was erotic massage job:) I met him at the Kempinski. We met in the cigar bar and then quickly went to his room, where I sat awkwardly on the bed and asked him what he wanted next. He wanted to massage my feet and lay down on the cold bathroom floor, where he began to satisfy himself, while I continued to sit on the bed. Then I was allowed to put my shoes back on and go. The whole thing did not last longer than about 45 minutes, but he paid for three hours.

For me a pretty good deal and not the last one where I was virtually paid for doing nothing.

Once a customer had booked three ladies from our escort agency, then got scared and canceled, but fully paid for the booked four hours. The craziest thing was probably the guy who just went out to dinner with me to show me the pictures of his twins. Men are more respectful when they pay for sex!

I met with a lot of men, really. Some more, some less sympathetic.

Some actually just wanted to eat with me, others did not want to leave the hotel room. What all had in common: They treated me with respect and dignity and went to eat with me in the finest restaurants. No one has groped me against my will and otherwise no horror fantasies about escorts and their customers were true. No one has ever beaten me, or degraded me in any way. Uk's Escort jobs are not so dangerous, like i thought before.

True friends can be recognized by how they deal with your career choice! Unfortunately, I had to make the experience that not all so openly deal with the subject of escort as me. I lost some friends back then who did not want to have anything to do with it. But that's OK, everyone has a right to his moral ideas. Other friends suddenly wanted me to pay for everything, because after all, I used to go by taxi everywhere and always had the coolest new hairstyles-why not throw laps in the bar or bring the expensive vodka to the house party? Still others did not turn away from me, but suddenly knew no other topic and asked me regularly for my escort job. My favorite people were those who did not make a big deal out of my new side job. I finally did that to pay my rent.