Not so long ago, the escort girls had to be perfect, and "inkless", so they could appear on every occasion, but not today

In the last few years a lot changed in the adult industry, basically because more and more girls think, they can be high class escorts and pornstars only with bare minimum. Well it's partly a bad news, because of them, the "old girls" can't earn so good with adult and erotic jobs as before. 

I know a few girls who started working in erotic businesses 30 (!) years ago, and they earned so mucht in a week, that you can't even imagine! Not only escort jobs, but the normal erotic studios and massage salons were full of regulars. Back then, the girls had to be "perfect" in every way, so they can't have tattoos.

Only in the porn industry was common those girls, who has tattoos, and the sexworkers who worked on the street.

In 2021, more sexworker girls has tattoos than ever before

Tattoos: Origin and History - What You Need To Know

Tattoos have an interesting and complex history. Body art is sometimes dismissed as a "passing trend" or something that only teenagers are doing to annoy their parents. However, tattoos actually have an incredibly rich background, with roots in many different cultures. Whether you are a fan of body modifications and you currently work in London, Tokyo or Phuket or elsewhere, there is an area of ​​tattoo history that applies to the local culture.

There are many different styles and tattoo techniques that are worth knowing. Some styles are associated with religion and spirituality. Other styles are deeply related to family or personal identity.

Tattoos have traditions: Researchers found tattoos on mummies that are more than 5000 years old, such as Ötzi. And even today, body art is enjoying increasing popularity.

There are men who are specifically looking for tattooed girls at the escort agency

In recent years, more and more escort girls have tried to seduce with tattoos, to stand out from others or they have tattoos for personal reasons.

Today it is estimated that 20% of the escort girls are tattooed.

Most of them do this to stand out from the crowd, to identify themselves, or to belong to a group. However, it appears that some of them are sporting tattoos to optimize their success in this industry.

Tattooed escorts are the real treasure because they look innocent in elegant dresses, but after they are naked, it's something else, something definitely hot and passionate.

One of the most appealing and sexy things about a woman is her passion, and passionate woman are all about getting inked. To a tattooed girl, her body ink is a part of her, they have life and they actually speak to you if you listen close enough.

Each tattoo that she has tells a story that she was so passionate about that she decided that it needed to become part of her body forever. She is passionate about life, love, and those who get to see all of her body.