Sex work is one of the oldest professions -

People have always found ways to exchange valuables for enjoyment.

Whether you are an escort or a porn actor, you have an erotic job to do. It can be tough, but nobody has a right to judge you.

As long as you grow up and nobody forces you to do something you do not want, we trust you to make the right decision in your life right now.

But sex work can sometimes lead to burnout like any other job. Maybe it is getting to be too stressful or you’ve had a bad experience that’s making you reconsider.  Maybe you never thought it was a long-term performance and you're ready to move on. Or maybe you've met this special person and do not want to share your body with anyone - at any cost.


If you no longer want erotic job, these tips might be helpful:

Some sex workers find out how to use their old job to build a new career. You can write books or even go to politics.

For example, they could become advisers to other people in difficult situations. Spend some time on the internet to study how other people have quit erotic job, and see if any of these examples seem attractive to you. It may be tempting to miss some of your career goals because of your sex work history, but do not be discouraged. If a former sex worker can become mayor, you can achieve your goals as well.

Okay, let's be clear - just because you're a sex worker does not mean that you have an addiction to anything. However, addiction is a problem for many men and women in the sex job because it is directly related to their work.

Sometimes people are forced into drugs during escort work, sometimes that means they get extra money from a client, but no matter how addiction starts, we want you to know that help is available.

It will be helpful to get paid from some kind of company. Fast food, sweeping floors, safety work or warehousing of products in a warehouse - everything will work. Work in the UK, try new big cities like London and meet new people!

Many of these jobs do not require any experience, and employers will hire someone willing to show up in time and work hard. It may not be the amount of money you initially received, but it does give you something to put into a CV or job application for a better job.

sex job

Once you have your part-time job, you can think about when you want to get out of the sex business. It might be helpful to set a deadline - something to shoot for.

If you stop doing sex work, you can create mini targets that will help you get there. These can be things like staying in the first job for six months or ending the kind of sex work that you least enjoy.

Achieving each mini-goal gives you the assurance that you will stick to your ultimate commitment and leave the sex work behind. It's not az easy way, but it worth it!