We wrote down a list what will make someone successful in escort jobs

The trick is just that you need to understand male psychology and what they find attractive.

Men are not that complicated and they don’t have much need to be honest. If you give them these few things, your escort work will surely be successful in the long run!

Let's look at the list of "perfect" escort girls:

Sensitive yet strong, sexy but not like a slut

Yes, it can be a little confusing, but it is a must for most men in all women, including escort girls. If you have an escort job, the guest pays for the time they spend with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to look easily available.

Be confident and proud, which will affect your gait as well as your overall radiance and so all eyes will be on you.

Always fit and healthy outside and inside

A trained body is not enough - is obviously tempting of course - but you also need enough mental stability. Especially in the field of sex work!

In addition, it is understandable that you will go full makeup to the agreed time, but in case of a trip or a term of several days you will appear before your guest without makeup, so always pay attention to the care of your natural look - hydrated skin and healthy facial skin are important!

Advanced personality and language skills

Especially in the case of foreign erotic works (like escort job in Switzerland), it is an important point, because without sufficient language skills you can easily "get lost" in a foreign country, which makes it embarrassing to be late for the arranged date.

Not to mention that if you can only communicate at a basic level, you won’t be a very exciting company, even if you have plenty of talking topics anyway, but you can’t express yourself.

Strong women are open and brave to new things

This does not mean, of course, that you have to do everything they are asked to do, but if you are a passionate lover, enjoy what you do and are willing or even experiment with new things for you, you will surely have an unforgettable experience!

Impeccable appearance anywhere, anytime

No two people are the same as two same escort work dates. If you are more experienced, you can decide on the style of clothing you will look based on sound and of course depending on the venue / program.

The look is followed by a line of style and behavior

Of course, there is a difference between the theme of a business dinner and a hotel date for two. In the former case, you are expected to be able to comment on the conversation, while in the other case, you just have to be passionate.

Well, this point is not true for everyone, as there is a difference between escort jobs, so there are girls who have a multilingual degree so they can fit into any intellectual community without any problems, while there are escorts who only go for home visit or to a hotel.

Providing a calm, stress-free atmosphere

There’s a reason men pay for time spent together, among other things, because they want to relax, so to speak, as a form of stress relief. There is no place for unnecessary fight either. Anyone who takes on an erotic job needs to be aware that some of the guests pay for the audience, so it works as a kind of therapy.

The rules listed here are not set in stone, just a little guide to help beginner girls looking for an escort job a little.

For sure, everyone has their own style and personality that obviously doesn’t need to be suppressed, in fact! Uniqueness is loved by every man, so dare to be yourself!