Changes in the escort jobs industry in UK, London or worldwide - are they necessary or not?

The digital era has opened a can of worms in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Any escort girls and basically anyone can sleep with anyone without giving it much thought. A quick decision and a simple ad in the paper or an online site can turn the average girl into a fully fledged escort girl. No prior experience needed in many escort jobs. No risk assessment, no STD training and little or no insight as to the pitfalls that lie ahead.

It only takes one escort girl to push the limits too far, and all of a sudden, an STD can spread exponentially. With reports of sex workers numbered in the tens of thousands operating in most large cities, that’s a lot of potential for a sexual health related catastrophe.

Today we talked about this topic with Angie, who works as a VIP escort girl, with an experience of 5 years working as an escort. 'I believe the media needs to consider an appropriate disclaimer to accompany articles that are primarily about elite escorts. Articles that focus on the earning potential and the privileged lifestyle of the subject. They should advise that the earnings discussed are not typical and that appropriate advice should be sought before entering the sex jobs industry.'

To encourage girls to become escorts or not...? Would someone regret it?

Regret is a very strong word and sets up a victim mentality which most people don’t feel. To reframe, if I had my life over again, would I have done things differently? Absolutely yes. First of all, I would go to an escort agency and not become an independent escort girl. But as far as I'm concerned, everything turned out for the best.

Ultimately, I ended up making the industry work for me and I was able to pay for my education and find a whole new level of empowerment I never knew I could have through my educational pursuits as a fully qualified commercial pilot.

So I wouldn't necessary discourage girls to work as escorts, especially in London, where there are a lot of rich potential clients. What I want for women and girls to consider is if they are the type of person who could handle the sex jobs industry. I just want them to be one hundred percent aware of what they are really signing up for. As about me, when I started to work as escort, I thought it would be short term and no one would have to know about it. And then you start losing that line of ‘I’ll never do this, I’ll never do that’, and that line keeps moving. Especially once you taste the elite escort life, it feels glamorous ... You meet important people, you get a lot of expensive gifts and you feel a weird sense of control and power, you feel wanted and desired.

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Escortig definitely has a lot of pros and cons, it all depends on your perspective.

I began working legally as an escort girl alongside her twin sister when she was a teenager - after a photographer lured them into the escort industry. I was a teenager when I got into it. It started because of a photo shoot where me and my twin sister were asked to take off our tops and knickers for an adult magazine. Later, the photographer said we would be good in adult movies, being twins, and that led to escorting. She described herself as an 'outcall' escort, meaning she visits clients, rather than inviting them to her home or hotel room.

While working as an escort, during which time she said she felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Angie received various gifts including an Audi convertible and trips to Milan and Paris.

I’ve only been in one dangerous situation on the job - when a client spiked my drink and took the money back after I was paid. I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t breathe or anything. I had a driver to get me to jobs and I wouldn’t have got home without him. So all in all, I just want to say that there are many things that need to be changed in the escort jobs industry, but working as an independent escort girl didn't put me to dangerous situations, maybe I was lucky, I don't know...

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