If you're thinking about starting an escort career, read our article

The escort work was always very popular, as it not only offers good earning opportunities, but escort ladies can visit the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, live in luxury hotels and eat in 5-star restaurants, meet interesting men and often receive gifts from The customers. 

As good as the earning potential are, so are the demands. A lot of girls wonder how an escort casting works.

What is an escort casting?

A casting is basically nothing more than an interview with an escort agency. In the industry, there is a difference between open and closed castings.

Several women introduce themselves at open castings. No special invitation is required for an open casting. The girls can introduce themselves one after the other and everyone gets the opportunity to present themselves.

 It looks different with a closed casting.

The applicant can only take part if she has been invited. In most cases, an invitation is sent in response to an application on the homepage of an escort agency. The time and place of the casting will be announced in the reply. The castings very often take place either in hotels or in the rooms of the escort agency.

What happens during the escort job casting?

The applicant introduces herself and hands over her sedcard with photos. This is what the application folder for escort ladies is called. The person in charge will ask a few questions.

The answer and the reaction of the applicant is used to test whether she is suitable as an escort lady or not. Of course, it is impossible to predict which questions will be asked.

At least these questions are most likely included:

  • Why do you want to work as an escort lady?
  • How do you imagine working as an escort lady?
  • Why do you want to apply specifically to our agency?
  • How much time can you spend as an escort lady per week / month?
  • Can you travel or accept bookings for several days?
  • What are your ideas about fees?

Applicants must be prepared to be asked questions about their sexual preferences and taboos.

At a casting, the first impression is decisive. There is no second chance. If the applicant was able to convince at the casting, the agency will submit a contract for her to sign.

A professional photographer is often present at the casting who, after signing, takes a few photos for the escort agency's file. In principle, the escort lady could then start working.

However, if the applicant should hear that the escort agency would contact her again, it means that her casting was unfortunately not successful. On average, only 10 percent of the women are taken to a casting.