In recent years, more and more social media influencer and escort girls have traveled to Turkey

Have you ever noticed that girls with millions of followers on gram and tikok look perfect? Obviously. But now we are not thinking of expensive designer clothes and accessories, but the perfect smile, which has also been an advantage for escort work or even for OF content, of course.

The whole story started from the fact that hundreds of foreign girls booked travel-related dental treatment in Turkey, as beauty treatments are counted extremely cheaply there, compared to American and English prices.

Anyone who has adult and erotic jobs knows that in this profession, the appearance is the most important, so you need to invest certain amounts regularly to keep your earnings stable.

At that time, plastic surgery attracted those who wanted to beautify themselves from the world of erotic works, and now dental treatments.

It can also be a good financial decision for an escort girl to travel for a complete transformation, as you can combine your vacation with all the useful services available, cheaper than at home. If we calculate, for example, how much a dental veneers, botox treatment and lip filling costs in London, choosing from the demanding and recommended doctors, of course, the total amount will be horrible!

Why Turkey?

Health tourism has become a thriving sector in Turkey and more and more people are choosing their destination every year. In 2017, 700,000 people visited Turkey for medical treatment.

The International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) ranked Turkey third after the United States and South Korea in terms of medical tourism.

  • Compared to Europe, the United States and other Western countries, they provide better quality treatment at lower costs as well as unmissable experiences.
  • Some surgeries are more than 50% cheaper than in other countries.
  • Turkey is the number one choice for patients from four parts of the world in the field of organ transplantation, cancer treatment, plastic surgery and hair transplantation.
  • Half of the patients treated are foreign.
  • With young and skilled staff, modern infrastructure and hospitals, Turkey offers health services at much lower prices than in Europe.

Turkey, the 3rd largest destination in the world in health tourism, aims to provide 2 million foreign patients by 2023. Turkey is also at the forefront of plastic surgery, especially a recognized world center for hair implants. Not only hospitals, but also spas, thermal baths and traditional medical centers await foreign guests.