Women working as webcam models share their darkest secrets

Webcam jobs are not always as easy as they seem. It's a special kind of erotic job where webcam models have to be good at literally everything: conversations, dancing, stripping and acting. Here are some confessions of webcam models about their darkest secrets...

"I'm an adult webcam model. If someone doesn't pay me after a private show, I message the guy's wives/girlfriends about it. I don't have any kind of shame or remorse." - Cindy, 28

I love webcam jobs, because I don't have to show my face. When customers ask why I don't show my face...it's because I just don't know how to stop rolling my eyes when they say stupid things.

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I'm a mother and I want to take my kids to nice places...

Summer is on. Abby, a single mother of two wants to show the world to her kids. This year, they are visiting Rome and its gorgeous beaches. 

Before she started to work as a webcam model, she had two jobs and still ... money was tight. Not having any kind of support, she decided to make a huge change. Abby started to search on the internet for erotic jobs that doesn't involve sex. After looking at a bunch of ads on Red-Life from different categories, she decided to apply for an erotic job where webcam models were wanted.  

I'm a mother of two and a webcam model. Not ashamed at all, because it let's me stay at home with the kids and have fun for work.

I keep forgetting what I told my parents I do...

Linda, a 26 year old young lady shares how her biggest struggle having a webcam job consists of the fact that she has to lie about what she does for a living. She constantly has to remember new lies about how she got fired and where she works at the moment, because her parents always insist on visiting her at the office.

She shares that a couple of days ago, she had a private show with an older man only to realize he was one of her dads friends... "Lucky that the friend can't say a word, because everyone would find out what he does at night. His wife would surely divorce him" - shares Linda.

I'm a webcam model and I'm starting to have trouble lying to my parents about what I do. I keep forgetting what I told them I do...

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Better than flipping burgers at a fast food

Brenda, a 19 year old girl in college shares that she wouldn't change webcam jobs for anything in the world. She started to work as a model in a webcam studio because of having financial issues - she couldn't pay her textbooks and her parents couldn't help her.

I'm not ashamed of being a webcam model while in college. It's much better than flipping burgers at a fast food or working retail for minimum wage. Now that, I'd be ashamed of.  

Webcam jobs are the best! When I'm faking orgasm for a client, I always think of how much money I'm making off him. OH MY... indeed :)

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