The truth behind VIP escorts and escort jobs can be disturbing for many girls in the UK

Escorting and escort jobs became very popular all across the United Kingdom. Some girls and young woman choose to be escorts and are very happy with their career in the sex industry, but for some, the reality is quite disturbing - they are victims of childhood abuse. Today we asked Natasha, who was groomed by older man since the age of 12. 

She says these men isolated her and made her feel powerless before eventually making sexual requests, adding: "I was really young, it was so gross looking back on it now."

Escorting is just like any other average job - if you are determined, you will be successful

Now 18 and studying animal care at a college in London, Natasha claims she now enjoys her work as an escort girl - although she's not yet told her mum because "she would knock me out". She claims that the only reason she is so good at being a high class escort is because of the trauma she went through as a child and says that looking back, this just made her stronger as a person.

Escorting is fun now. I wouldn't change my sex work, even though sometimes I meet very annoying people, but I guess that everyone has these issues who have to to deal with people on a daily basis.

I have lived all across the UK, in Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool and even in Ireland, but as I realized that if I want to make a lot of money I have to move to the biggest city, I moved to London permanently. It was difficult at first, but now I love it. You have to get use to the rush of the city. People are always running somewhere and life can be stressful, but I feel like I'm young and if I want have a substantial income, this the best place.

escort jobs in the united kingdom

London is full of strange people, this is my perspective as an escort

When it comes to strange requests, I can tell you that there are many strange people with strange requests. When I was living in Scotland, a client had the bizarre request of tampling over his body in high heels, and having sex with a man in her favourite cowgirl position. I like being on top, because if you're on top of tim, you have control over him.

"At one point I've made £6,000 in a day. That was the best day I've ever had in my whole life," says the teenager.

Very few people have the privilage to say that they make the amount of money that I do. Judge me if you want, but at the end of the day I feel very proud of myself, because not only that I can pay my bills, but I can do whatever I want, travel, eat at fancy restaurants, buy expensive clothes and jewelry at the age of 18, can you afford that?

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