The media shows a rather polarizing picture of women who have sex work

At one extreme, there is the street worker with sad face, who pays the rent, feeds a child, or possibly saves for the next drug hit.

Then the other extreme, the high-class escort in the United Kingdom. The reader is open to a world of fashion, travel, huge money, and plenty of sex. A world where you can earn thousands of dollars in a few hours and all you have to do is look good and have some sex. Both are erotic job, but the reality is the opposite. You do not make big money by just putting on your best clothes, climbing into bed and sleeping with many men.

To be a successful "high class" or "elite escort", you are often in a position to consider offering services and taking risks that the legalized brothel industry would undoubtedly avoid. Nobody tells you that. It's not easy being a high class escort in London.

I started sex work because my disabilities cause me to be unable to work in a bar, shop or office and pay my rent. I became a sex worker after looking at my options and deciding that this was the best option out of a number of bad ones.

For the most part, I do not particularly like my escort job. Just as I did not like my old job of working for £ 2.40 an hour in a designer shop with clothes worth more than a month's pay or working twelve hours behind a bar.

I do not know anyone who does not have to work to survive. For me, this work is that I get money for sex. If my housing allowance and sick pay covered my rent, my bills, my groceries, and my financial support for my reasonably decent quality of life, I would not do that job. But while doing this work, I certainly want to be able to do it.

sex job

The more money you charge, the more they expect. The same rules apply to everyone else that do not necessarily apply to the High Class range. Most people think it's because they're attractive and have good physique. They believe the men are lining up to give you money.

The reality, however, looks a little different. It is often expected that you will do what other companions do not do. Shift the boundaries of taste. Expand the boundaries of protection. Cross the limits of personal security.

I acted as an high class escort for the rich and famous. I asked a lot and I did a lot. I moved in with influential people and had the time of my life. High class escort job is not always easy.

I have crossed the borders. I did things that I would not normally do. I have renounced common sense. I learned, that if i want a safer life, first i have to look for safer job places, and Red-Life is the website, where i can find them