If you have erotic adult or escort job, you need a partner - and it will be not a man

Everybody needs a best friend / a partner in life, someone they can count on when you feel down, even the girls who has escort jobs, but it's hard to find somebody who will love us forever. Well no man is capable of loyalty and understanding for a lifetime... 

Women, dogs and hormones together make an unbeatable team. Everyday life is done together with fun and cuddle on the couch in the evening. No wonder this dream team is not so easy to separate.

But what is it that makes the relationship between all the women and dogs so special? Or to put it simply: Why do every women love dogs, and who has escort or erotic work even more?

We girls tend to have a very fine feel for moods, bonding and solidarity and dogs are too.

A crucial hormone is oxytocin, which has the wonderful job of building close relationships - it is also often referred to as a "social glue". Between mother and child, dogs and their puppies or even extra-species, with a close relationship between dog and owner. 

Why are dogs so sensitive?

Dog owners often say that their four-legged friend was the first to “discover” pregnancy. Or they can feel if we are sad or depressed. Is that due to the dog's seventh sense, which is so often pronounced?

Perhaps - but smells, behaviors and so on also play a major role. Our dog knows us the best.

Dog instead of a child

More and more people are choosing not to have children. However, their dog is considered their own child. These women cannot be blamed as it is very difficult to find a man with whom it would be worth having a child. Not to mention the expenses, which is obviously a lot more for a child. 

The most common reason, however, is reliability. Men come ang go in a woman’s life, but the dog stays with us and is always by our side. Of course, that’s why we treat them like a child and give them everything they need.

The girls with erotic jobs are often choose to be single

It’s hard to find a man who accepts erotic jobs. Also, they can’t even travel with us when we go to work somewhere like London or Manchester, but the dog does. If we travel abroad for an erotic job, almost sure that the owner will let you bring your dog (of course if the dog is little and smart). So you will be not alone, your best friend will be with you all the time.

The World Is Changing — so we are. As we wrote before about the tattoos: 


Times have changed: tattoos are already very common in the adult industry, not like years before

I know a few girls who started working in erotic businesses 30 (!) years ago, and they earned so mucht in a week, that you can't even

2021-01-27  Erotic & escort job blog

More and more girls tattoo their dog portrait on their body. Because dogs are the only stable point in their life. I'm sure, that it's not the girls fault, i think most of the men should accept that women are no longer waiting for their husbands in the kitchen. The girls are powerful and strong!